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Passionate About Performance


  • Registered Dietitian since 2004

  • Sport Dietitian for 6 years, with internship from CSIO

  • MHSc Nutrition, U Toronto

  • BSc Nutritional Sciences, U Guelph ​

  • I work with recreational, age group, varsity and elite athletes

  • I have Disordered Eating and Intuitive Eating Expertise


  • University of Toronto Blues

  • York University Lions

  • Etobicoke Swim Club

  • Etobicoke Dolphins

But it all started with a banana and an O'Henry bar.  After being an enthusiastic nutrition student for 4 years and working in the food industry for 10 years, I finally decided to become a dietitian. 

It was around 5pm, during a nutrition class that I learned that eating a banana and a chocolate bar may not be a sufficient amount of food to sustain me all day. It was why my body was falling apart, I was hangry and emotional, and craving sugar all the time. Yes, even though I had studied nutrition for years, it was not until I talked through my own eating patterns that I realized how closely my own habits were affecting my mood and performance. I knew the science, but I didn't have a framework to apply it to my life.

Add on the endurance sports that I loved and nutrition became a factor in my performance. It felt like a secret language that everyone should know.  Certainly my body knew it, but I was having trouble interpreting it's signals. 

I help athletes interpret their own body signals, combined with the science of nutrition to form a way of eating that works for you.  And then we practice it, so we have a strong nutrient foundation that supports training and ultimately competition.  

So exciting!

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